Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) or Pay Per Click marketing, is an online advertising service where the advertiser pays to display advertising on SERP (search engine related pages). Google Adwords is the leading player in the Pay Per Click campaign with Google PPC. The process for Google Adwords is simple – determine keywords relevant to your business, check the competition, bid on the keyword, analyze what kind of campaign is best suited to your business, create a high quality landing page and set a budget. In terms of driving traffic Google Adwords works wonders. The results of Google Adwords is quick. Through Google Adwords, you can advertise your business locally, nationally and internationally with just the use of adwords. This is not only very important but can be vital in today’s world of search engine marketing.

There are basically three types of Google Adword campaign:
1. Text
2. Display (Remarketing)
3. Mobile Ad For Google, Google Adword campaigns advertisers have to choose carefully what types of ads and budget allocation for each ad type. Keyword Match type plays a vital role in Pay Per Click.

There are four types of keyword match types:

1. Exact Match keyword Exact match keywords are for those who are having limited budget and know their targeted audience. Choosing Exact Match keyword, you are telling Google that you only want your ads to trigger when a user types in the exact keyword phrase you have selected.

2. Broad Match keyword – Broad Match is the keyword match type that allows users to reach the widest audience. Choosing Broad Match means ads will appear whenever a user searches any word in your key phrase, in any order. It also allows misspellings and synonyms to trigger your ads to appear. The wide reach of Broad Match keywords will increase the number of clicks on ads, the problem is that a lot of those clicks may be coming from irrelevant traffic.

3. Phrase match keyword – In phrase match, ads will only appear when the user searches for an exact keyword phrase, in its exact order, but may have some additional words at the beginning or end of the phrase.

4. Broad Match Modifier – Broad Match Modified keywords work by appending a ‘ ’ to the specific word in your keyword phrase that you want to lock in place. By Choosing Broad Match modifier you are telling Google that you only want your ad to show when that word appears in the search query. The query can be in any order, but that one word needs to exist in it somewhere. At SEO and Web Tech we help our client to understand their requirements and to choose the best Pay Per Click ad copy suited for their business. Google Adwords is a leading revenue generator for Google as well as any users who do their business online. High quality landing pages can help to convert those visitors into leads and eventually into business.

Monthly Service Cost – $600 Campaign Set up fee (one time) - $500
Consultation and Setup Initial Consultation Account Creation Website & Goal Analysis Campaign Setup Conversion Tracking Consultation Competitive Analysis Report – Monthly Keyword Research & Bid Management – 5000 Conversion Tracking Revenue Tracking Consultation (if applicable) Regional Optimization Ongoing Strategy Development Quality Score Comparison Report – Summary Display Network Text Ads Image Ads* – 3 Placement Sites Targeting – Site Exclusion & Optimization – Demographic Bidding (if applicable) – Mobile Ad Campaign Mobile Campaign Setup – Mobile Device Targeting – Mobile Carrier Targeting – Bid Management – Remarketing Campaign Audience management – Remarketing code consultation – Image Ads – Bid Management – Other Activities Landing Page Consultation* – 3 Google Ad Extensions Consultation (if required) – Facebook or Linkedin Ads – Additional cost $120/month Adwords Express (if applicable) – Google Analytics Account Setup – $40 Profile Setup – $40 Advanced Setup Consultation – $40 Funnel Tracking Consultation – $40 Analysis & Monitoring – $40 Intelligence/Alert setup – $40 E-commerce Tracking Support – Additional Cost Report Weekly Report Monthly Report –