Dedicated resource

What is a Dedicated Resource?
A dedicated resource means a SEM professional that will be dedicated to your work only. They will be responsible for Search Engine Optimization, PPC campaigns and social media activity.

Who should hire a Dedicated Resource?
Dedicated resources are best suited for SEO agencies who are looking to save money and have a dedicated shift employee. This plan is also suited for a company who has multiple businesses.

What is the point of contact with my SEM professional?
Your SEM professional will work from our office. You will be in direct contact with your SEM professional through Skype or any other instant messaging services like facebook, yahoo messenger etc. He will work according to your country time zone. They can also be reached by email as well.

How can I be assured I will get a good SEM professional?
You can interview him/her before they are assigned to your project. You can change your SEM professional if there is an issue (after giving a valid reason, of course). Your SEM professional will not be responsible for website design, or for development activity. His/her responsibility will be to look after SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM and Pay Per Click.

Half Dedicated $ 899
4 Hours 80 keywords
Full Dedicated $ 1699
8 hours 150 keywords
Term & Condition :- Dedicated resource are only for SEO & SEO Plan. Website design and development cost are not included.